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I know it's been awhile but I could see you clear as day
As the day you were taken away
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The 30th picture on my phone, is a blurry, horribly lighted picture of a rad purple settee I was thinking about getting for my room. Since What I lack in it is a comfortable place to lay down and read, eat, watch something. It’s not special nor can I create a back story for it. Unless you want to hear about the adventures of the misfortune of a pine tree and a velvet fabric. Let’s call him Eddie. The settee, I mean.
There are no rules for you to enjoy the things you like. If you start a book and put down another halfway or if you enjoy your dessert before your meal, or if you find the night to do things and not the mornings more satisfying for you then that’s how you like it and it’s all that should matter. Do things the way you like them, you’ve been there for yourself all this time. Don’t let anyone stand between you and your happiness.

SELF LOVE, SLEF LOVE is all I want to stress on.

But don’t be cocky, don’t be spiteful, love yourself and you will love others. Make loving yourself thriving for it to be better, make loving yourself pushing it toward the best. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others, treat them how you would treat yourself and that’s all I need to say.
The last book I read was called The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, It’s a psychological crime/thriller book.

It was certainly an interesting read, but I often found myself getting bored between the pages (which you should never take my account for because I get very bored, very often, very much) On another aspect, I also found some interesting lines which I had to stop and underline, because waw rad.

" Such was the oppressive ugliness of this building it would have been like sticking a red nose on a cadaver and calling it Ronald McDonald"

" Normal people definitely didn’t feel this panicky.
Normal people definitely didn’t feel like they were being electrocuted from the inside by an unborn child armed with a miniature Taser,
that they were being prodded by a wire emitting the kind of electrical charge that stops cattle from going into the next field.
I liked it, it certainly stands for an oddly interesting read.
Well, this is a profound topic to write about- but let me start with the two obvious things (ones you shouldn’t joke about when you’re around me)

  • clowns. like, no, man. You have no idea what these things are up to because they just have a smile drawn (literally) on their face and it’s a horrifying blend of colors.

  • BIRDS. (pigeons exclusively) these things don’t just have that surprise attack factor but they literally look like they’re judging you through tiny black black pools of judgements. (also they’re quite horrible for waking me up in the morning whenever i plan to sleep in)

On a much serious note, (not that I wasn’t serious before. I was very serious);

My eternal fear is losing someone I love, because I have experienced it and it still sucks. Every day. Again, I fear not having any fears, if that makes any sense, I don’t know how to feel things so when I am scared of something I can’t tell if I am and that concerns me greatly… yeah.

I just want to share this really, quickly, and disappear to win that challenge my mom appointed to me.

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